* Cut the skin off just of the part you are going to use within 2 or 3 days in order to avoid that it dries. Start cutting the ham putting the hoof to the rear.
* Introduce a wide knife with a vertical but not deep cut. Cut the skin of the top without reaching the meat.
* Make fine and straight cuts with a ham-knife. Try to get always similar slices of 6/7 cm.
* Once you have reached the bone (coccyx), keep on slicing around till you reach the longitudinal bone.
* Turn the ham, strip the skin off and continue cutting similar slices.
* The part, which is not available to be cut into slices, is used to be cut into cubes and irregular pieces, which can be used in a lot of dishes. For instance, the bones cut into 10 cm pieces can be used for preparing nutritious stock.
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